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If you are serious about your career as a Model, Actor, or Entertainer, your “Image” is Everything

Spartina Creek Studio by Donna and Terry Ehrlich specializes in Professional Portfolio Images for Models, Actors, and Entertainers of all ages. The “look” can be tailored to your specific needs from casual to corporate, modern to traditional. And a well-rounded portfolio or composite card shows a mix of looks to best match your client’s needs. And, if your interest includes Modeling, Acting, Entertainment, Television or Film, we highly recommend Z-1 Models & Talent and their associated American Talent Showcase / Model Jam America.

It Takes Two — Every photograph has a subject and a photographer. You and I work intelligently together, bringing a certain character and a degree of perfection to transform really great images into Extraordinary Treasures. We want your pictures to be uniquely you— an extension of your personality—the kind of images your eyes return to time after time.

In addition to your portfolio book, images should also be combined on a Composite Card that serves as the “business card” of the professional Model/ Actor/ Entertainer. We can guide you in the selection of photos that most effectively market you and your talents to clients, agencies, scouts and casting directors.

Every Actor and Entertainer is expected to have a Professional Headshot to leave with casting directors at any audition you go to. Some directors prefer black and white headshots, others accept either, and we can provide you with whatever you need. Many of our clients have several different headshot cards, each depicting a different look.

Some agencies, casting directors and clients prefer images to be submitted by email, and we can provide your images to you on a CD or DVD that your agency can use to electronically distribute and market your skills and talent.

Though primarily fashion photography oriented, Terry and Donna’s other passions are photographing the intricate and delicate Beauty of Nature and the Joy and Wonder of Children.
Together their combined style is a unique blend of modern fashion feel with a real and fun look.